Terms of Service


        Use of the words “we”, “us” and “our” on this page and in other pages as well are referring to graciela & grace.
        Use of the words “handmade” and “handmade materials” refers primarily (but not exclusively) to bobbin lace, handwoven fabrics, and other forms of hand-applied embellishment on our items, produced either in-house or by our artisan collaborators.
        The headings used on this page and in the privacy policy are included for the convenience of you, the reader, but do not limit or otherwise affect the terms in any way.
        These terms of use were last updated on February 2nd, 2023. These terms shall be updated as seen necessary when future additional features/services are integrated. It is recommended that you read these terms each time you make a purchase in case they have been updated.
        Please read these terms of service carefully.
        If you do not agree to follow these terms, then please leave the website immediately, and do not attempt to make use of any services which we offer.

Site Rules

        By accessing any part of this site you are tacitly agreeing to comply with the terms of use described on this page. Complete use of the store and newsletter features require explicit consent to the terms of service described on this page, and our privacy policy.
        We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. If we find an order made in the store or a sign-up for the newsletter to be suspicious in any way, we may rescind offered services if we believe it necessary.
        Any and all of the text, images, videos, products, or other content on this website may not be used for unauthorized or illegal purposes.
        You may not make purchases in the store unless you are at least the age of majority where you reside.
        You may not misuse the store, this includes (but is not limited to) abuse of the order system/cancellation policy.
        You may not misuse the newsletter, this includes (but is not limited to) signing up other individuals without their consent or attempting to spam submissions into the form.
        Any violations of these rules will lead to termination of all services previously offered to you.

Store Products

        Products (and the materials used in them) offered through our store may have limited quantities and production capability.
        All products made available and their quantities, descriptions, pictures, etc… are subject to change at any time as we see fit, and without any notice. Any product may be discontinued at any time, and if it is then purchasing of that product shall be made unavailable.

        We may, as we see necessary, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household, or per order. These restrictions may include orders of exceedingly high quantity placed by the same account, credit card, or make use of the same billing/shipping addresses, or the same contact information (phone number, email) used during checkout.
        We shall do our best to ensure that no products shall be listed available for purchase unless it is within our ability to ensure the customer receives it, but in the event of miscalculation of resources through which a purchase could possibly be made that a product cannot be delivered for, a prompt notification to the customer and refund would be sent.

Handmade Materials

        In photographing our products we have made every effort to represent them as accurately as possible, but as is the nature of the handmade materials used on parts of them, not all pieces we produce will be identical. There will be small differences in every item we produce, even in the same style, size, and colorway.
        This is a result of the authentic handcraft processes used by our collaborators who produce the artisan materials we use. Differences are unavoidable, but not detrimental. Rather, each garment that we sell is a unique piece because of this and we value that quality of handmaking traditions.

        When purchasing products from us that use handmade materials, it is assumed that you understand this and thereby revoke any right to request a return or exchange because of perceived discrepancies between the received product and images on the product page.
        If a product has been purchased as a preorder or made-to-order, and it makes significant use of handmade materials, it may not be elligible for a return or exchange.



        We ship our products through domestic and international services offer by USPS. We will make our best effort to ship to your location, however please understand that sometimes shipping limitations and availability may be outside of our control. In which case, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order as necessary.
        We do not include in our shipping rates, and are not responsible for: any international duties, fees, and or taxes encurred by a customer ordering an item through our website. The buyer assumes full responsibility for any import expenses necessary to receive their purchase.

        We ship all in-stock items within two business weeks after confirming item availability for shipment. If there should be any delays in this process, we will notify the customer as soon as possible. Time to deliver for free shipping may vary based on customer location. Cost for Priority Express shipping will vary based on customer location, and may or may not become greater or less than the default price provided on the cart page before a mailing address is provided.
        Items listed as preorder or made-to-order will be shipped within two business weeks of the expected ship-by date as listed in the product description, unless manufacturing delays outside of our control occur. In the event of such delays, we will notify any purchasers of these products with an updated ship-by date as soon as possible. Changes to the expected ship-by date will be avoided as much as possible, but if they do occur they shall not be considered as reasonable grounds for order cancellation, refunds, or exchanges. Any customer who purchases a product listed as preorder or made-to-order is expected to understand these terms and has agreed to them by placing an order.

Purchase Cancellations

        graciela & grace hopes to satisfy all of our valued clients and customers. If an order is placed by mistake, or placed with the wrong style options, that order may be cancelled so long as it is within the timeframes described in this section.
        Many of our products are offered via pre-order and made to customer style/size requests. Purchases made during a pre-order period remain freely cancellable at any point until the period ends. Pre-ordered items can no longer be cancelled once orders have been finalized and manufacturing has begun.
        For any of the items we sell from stock, purchases may be cancelled so long as it is before the item has shipped. Once the product has left our hands and is on its way to you, cancelling is no longer possible.


        We understand that sometimes an item arrives and it’s not what you expected, or is in the wrong size, or possibly arrives damaged. In the case of any of these events, we are happy to discuss with you how to best remedy the situation.
        However, due to the limited-run nature of the materials we use and the items we produce, not all items can be returned or exchanged for just any reason.
        In order to determine if your item is elligible for return, please read the following criteria and requirements below. If your order meets the criteria/requirements then you may start a return request by submitting a request through our contact page that includes your order number, pictures of the item and packaging, and your reason for requesting a return.

        Returns and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis, and we reserve the right to reject returns based upon but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Ability to provide original receipt of purchase
  • Time passed since date of receipt
  • Type of purchase (as in, preorder/made-to-order vs. purchased from stock)
  • Materials used for manufacture of the item
  • Condition of, or defect on, item
  • Reason for requesting return

        The item being returned must be returned with all its original, undamaged packaging materials, tags, and receipt.
        The item being returned must be unworn, and have no signs of being washed or having any cleaning agents, perfumes, scented fresheners, or any other substances applied to it.

        The condition of the item must be fully disclosed before a return may be offered, and we reserve the right to reject a return claim based upon any undisclosed damages, imperfections, or otherwise non-resellable factors.
        If an item is granted approval for return but it is determined upon receiving it to have undisclosed damages, abnormalities, or signs of being worn, we reserve the right to reject the return and in this case any shipping costs for it to be sent back to the purchaser must be covered by the purchaser.