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“Fantastic Tweed is exactly the way I envision graciela & grace– a contextualization of special textiles as little works of art, in an exciting, vibrant, and charming little package”

Dressing down has never been an option in a world so exciting- mundane tasks treated like special occasions, and brilliant colors lighting up the sidewalks.

graciela & grace invite you to come along on such a journey, featuring our Fantastic Tweed quartet of coordinating pieces- fun, vibrant, and joyfully crafted items with every-day adventures in mind. Detailed with handmade tweed and bobbin lace, these distinctive and unique pieces further echo the opulence of such limited and bespoke materials in a splendid celebration of color and whimsy.

Inspired and taken by the stories behind the set’s hand-made textiles, the creation of these pieces speaks of the versatility and joy that can result from carefully crafting with such unique and purposeful materials.

Taken by the creations of Amor Weavers– the designers and makers behind the tweeds used- graciela & grace first designed and produced 2 bobbin lace trimmed bags in the colorway- Sunset (an alternating bright pink and blue) and Bouquet (a multi-colored pink, blue, lilac, and green). The hand-work and planning involved in crafting these trims is further visible with the matching colorwork, showcasing how each thread travels throughout the design. Precise and yet still delicate in its result, finally framed and embellished with rhinestones and velvet ribbons!

While able to speak for themselves as delightful little showpieces, the Fantastic Tweed bags are created with purpose at their core- to further show and tell the stories behind such precious textiles, while traveling at your side as a dependable partner in your everyday adventures!

Further developing from the Fantastic Tweed bag, a 3-piece set of garments was developed to complement and coordinate with them- a matching blazer, blouse, and skirt. Whether re-defining professional attire or a new take on wearable fashion, the pieces are playfully composed and built upon a base of craftsmanship and detail.

Delightfully dramatic, the Fantastic Tweed Blazer has a sculpted silhouette with a cinched waist and puffed shoulder. Cut from an organic cotton twill and silk lining, it is detailed with the same hand-woven tweed, bespoke bobbin lace, and velvet ribbons as our matching Fantastic Tweed Bag! A captivating and joyful addition to whatever you venture out in, the Fantastic Tweed Blazer is another lovely centerpiece in your wardrobe!

Crafted with a water resistant cotton twill, our Fantastic Tweed blouse is both practical and charming! Available in 2 contrasting colors to the rest of the set and detailed with velvet ribbons and bows, they feature a sweet detachable tweed bow tie at the front. Designed with a comfortable fit, it is perfect for both a more formal occasion tucked in or on it’s own as a casual delight!

The Fantastic Tweed Skirt boasts a full and flowing array of bows and velvet ribbons atop a canvas of organic cotton twill. Internally supported by horsehair braid and a built-in petticoat, its charming silhouette will stay in shape throughout whatever your day may entail! Wear it as part of the full set, or create a more subtle coordinate with other pieces already in your collection.

All pieces in this quartet are made lovingly by hand with scant available materials. While our Fantastic Tweed Bags currently have a set number of stock available, all of our garments will be made available as Made-To-Order while supplies last! Furthering the limited nature of these pieces, each item is tagged with a unique identification number, and supplied with a special certificate of authenticity.

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