Our Purpose

graciela & grace creates stylish, feminine, and authentically made fashion pieces using rare, bespoke, and artisan-supported materials. Fulfilling the dreams of modern-day romantics and self-proclaimed princesses, each piece is a story to be told with precious things to be found. Elegant and nostalgic while contemporary and whimsical, we humbly invite you into our imagining of modern-day wearable fashion within a whimsical and charming world!

Our Story

graciela & grace was born of the desire to create apparel fit for a princess, with purposeful and thoughtful creation throughout. Highlighting heritage techniques in materiality and bespoke design, aesthetically influenced by rococo decadence, fairytale princesses, and contemporary alternative fashions that challenge modern-day apparel.

Though attire has changed substantially through the years, the devoted traditions of craft-based artisans have remained. Yet, the now-elusive stories and genuine value of such masterful crafts are often left untold behind-the-scenes. The desire to frame these intricate and inherently human works through the lens of contemporary magic and charm is the foundation of graciela & grace.

Over the course of several years working in various roles of the fashion and textiles industry, graciela & grace‘s founder Kara Quinteros has had the honor of becoming acquainted with various communities of such artisans and makers.

The joy and stories embedded throughout the creation of each little work of art by these skilled makers is the feeling and mood that each piece produced in graciela & grace‘s lineup is intent on conveying to our customers- a spark of creativity, magic, and excitement, packaged as a decadent treat!

Each of our collections focuses on a technique, textile, or craft that unabashedly announces unique and sumptuous materiality. Taking inspiration from historical victorian and rococo fashions, as well as modern attire such as Japanese lolita and hime fashion, graciela & grace designs limited-run, small-batch collections made in the United States. 

Our Values

1. Showcase, respect, and support heritage crafts and artisan communities
2. Craft all goods with ethical and sustainable practices in place, working towards a transparent and fully traceable supply chain
3. Create wearable fashions infused with whimsy, joy, and elegance

Our World

To further this charming view of craft and design, each collection is accompanied by captivating, fantastical illustrations from the splendid artist Katherine Hanson. The two recurring characters, eponymously named Graciela and Grace, are here to welcome and accompany you on any wondrous tale into which the authentic crafts that embellish each piece may take you on.

We aspire to reach a worldwide audience, to which our pieces may act as canvases that reveal untold stories, encourage dramatic self-expression, and promote sustainable practices for workers throughout the fashion and craft industry. In their entirety, we view our pieces as unique works of art that boldly come to life on their wearers. We look forward to further writing this story with you, and are excited for what is to come.

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