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What we make

graciela & grace creates stylish, feminine, and authentically made fashion pieces using rare, bespoke, and artisan-supported materials. Fulfilling the dreams of modern-day romantics and self-proclaimed princesses, each piece is a story to be told with precious things to be found. Elegant and nostalgic while contemporary and whimsical, we humbly invite you into our imagining of modern-day wearable fashion within a whimsical and charming world!

At the core of all of our creations and collections are our goals and values:

1. Showcase, respect, and support heritage crafts and artisan communities
2. Craft all goods with ethical and sustainable practices in place, working towards a transparent and fully traceable supply chain
3. Create wearable fashions infused with whimsy, joy, and elegance

Our Story

graciela & grace was born of the desire to create apparel fit for a princess, with purposeful and thoughtful creation throughout. Highlighting heritage techniques in materiality and bespoke design, aesthetically influenced by rococo decadence, fairytale princesses, and contemporary alternative fashions that challenge modern-day apparel.

Though attire has changed substantially through the years, the devoted traditions of craft-based artisans have remained. Yet, the now-elusive stories and genuine value of such masterful crafts are often left untold behind-the-scenes. The desire to frame these intricate and inherently human works through the lens of contemporary magic and charm is the foundation of graciela & grace.

Over the course of several years working in
various roles of the fashion and textiles industry, graciela & grace‘s founder Kara Quinteros has had the honor of becoming acquainted with various communities of such artisans and makers.

The joy and stories embedded throughout the
creation of each little work of art by these skilled makers is the feeling and mood that each piece produced in graciela & grace‘s lineup is intent on conveying to our customers- a spark of creativity, magic, and excitement, packaged as a decadent treat!

Who we are

Kara quinteros is the founder and creative director of graciela & grace. Finding her passion for artisan crafts and sustainable systems of design during her time at Parsons School of Design, she studied fashion and textiles going on to graduate in 2020 with her work as part of the CFDA Future of Fashion Showcase.

Since graduation, she has worked in various roles of the fashion industry- from training as a production sewist and apprenticing on industrial lace-making machines, to assisting in the production of NYFW shows.

graciela & grace embodies her passions for ethical and sustainable fashion initiatives, heritage crafts, and whimsical dressing. Choosing the brand name graciela & grace after her grandmother whose passions and dedication to hand-making are still fondly remembered today, she aims to replicate the same dedication to craft that her grandmother did.

Keagan Elison acts as web designer, editorial photographer, and videographer for graciela & grace. His education in Philosophy and Computer Science brought him to a crossroads after completing his studies, where he was at a loss for how best to apply his skills.

Seeking to offer his knowledge and abilities to an endeavor that would be in accordance with his ethics, he wound up being involved with the formation of graciela & grace. Here he finds fulfillment in working with a small business that places emphasis on ethical labor practices and non-wasteful production, as well as the preservation of artistic traditions that are far too often overlooked today.

Katherine Hanson is a Towson Maryland-based artist working in mediums of collage, print, and photography. Her work places an emphasis on feminine expressions and experiences. She is currently Interning at Ink Press Studio in Baltimore Maryland. 

More of her work can be viewed here.


Graciela & Grace are the brand’s eponymously named brand ambassadors- further engaging in fantastical activities, their origin stems from initial fashion illustrations done by Katherine Hanson when conceptualising the brand. Now used as recurring characters, they welcome and accompany you on any wondrous tale into which our pieces reside- featured in fashion illustrations, concept art, and promotional materials, they act as consistent avatars for our audience to further engage in graciela & grace’s enchanting world.

Our Branding

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Press Releases


1. Where are your items made?

All of our items are currently constructed in the United States using imported materials.

2. How many of x item are available?

This is dependent on material availability. Typically, our batch quantities are limited to 15-45 units depending on style. This gives us the ability to ensure authenticity, quality control, and appropriate production time for more time-intensive detail techniques.

3. How do you track your supply chain?

We currently make as much effort as possible to ensure direct communication to original suppliers of goods- that means working directly with artisans or material makers, vs working through other parties. This way we can determine if they are a good fit for our ethical initiatives.

4. Why does x item cost so much?

Ultimately, the cost of materials and labor to make our items is quite high. This means that in order to properly pay the artisans who make our base materials and final goods, our pricing must be a bit higher.

5. How do I know my item is authentic?

Each piece we make includes a unique identification number on its material composition label. The location of this label varies from piece to piece. In addition, each item comes with a certificate of authenticity featuring a unique illustrative work to which collection your piece is from. If you have any questions on authenticity, please contact us directly.

6. Where do your items ship from?

All items currently ship from the United States.

7. Why don’t you have x size? Will that change in the future?

Unfortunately due to our small batches, we cannot currently make as many sizes as would be ideal. However, we do plan to scale our size range as we are able to grow!


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Kara Quinteros
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@gracielaandgrace on all social media

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